About us

We serve our clients by adding value in construction, maintenance, safety and logistics. We are a one-stop-shop where products are treated, stored and shipped to destination.
We design, calculate, create and realize your idea.


Active since 1987

Lumet has realised many attractive, technical constructions in various industries over the past decades. Investing in our People and Innovation enables us to grow in the future.


Situated near the port of antwerp

Lumet is strategically situated near the Port of Antwerp, to serve our clients both national and international.


EN 1090 standards

All our processes comply with both European Regulation and Construction Regulation. The EN 1090-norm confirms and ensures the quality of our constructions. The norm divides constructions in four categories or execution classes, based on difficulty and risk. Lumet is certified for all four of the categories.
This way sustainable quality is always guaranteed.

Some of our projects

Since the start of Lumet in 1987, we've had the opportunity of working with a select group of forward-looking, innovative organizations and businesses. Below you can view the results of some our projects.


Advanced warehouses suited for logistics, storage, manufacturing and other industrial means. In our temperature controlled warehouses equipped with cranes we can store and treat engines, pumps, turbines and their parts.


Industrial Steel Construction

We engineer and create steel constructions such as bridges, stairs, fences, ladders, walking floors, frames and many more. Lumet is highly specialized in Stainless steel. We prefer this sustainable material as it offers the most protection.


Sandblasting - industrial painting

Industrial sandblasting, coating and painting of carbon steel. We have the people and technology to ensure your steel products get the best protection against corrosion, fire and wearing out.

sandblasting industrial painting

Public Infrastructure

We expand, maintain and replace key constructions in the Belgian public infrastructure. The quality of the waterways in Flanders has improved tremendously over the past twenty-five years. We make our living environment in harmony with water.

public infrastructure


Need a handling partner at your industrial site? Lumet is fully equipped to service internal logistics and handling. We have the certified machines and people to unburden you from own fleet risks and stress.


Mobile Crane - Lifting

Heavy lifting, engineered transportation and on-site installation with the newest machinery.

mobile crane lifting

Water jet - Plasma Cutting

Cutting shapes in steel or any other material. Our computer aided cutting machines are suited for all kind of jobs and custom designs.

waterjet - plasma cutting

Windows - Doors

Installing windows, doors. sky domes and tailored constructions. We use aluminum frame sets which are made of light, yet extremely strong material that perform in heat and noise isolation. The timeless, elegant appeals make our windows fit in any type of buildings.

windows - doors


The moment when Steel meets Design.


High Voltage Safety

The Safety Pole® is used all over the world in high voltage installations to protect people from falling.

High Voltage Safety

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